Letter of Support for the Park Line

May 2, 2017

Dear Council Members,

I’m writing to urge that you support the Parkline Project in every way possible because it addresses a huge barrier to our being ONE SUMMIT – terrible pedestrian and bike access between east Summit and downtown/central Summit.

Currently we must walk or bike Springfield, Broad, Morris. That’s it. Pick your poison.

I moved back to Summit with my young family in 1988. As I’ve worked with youth and other volunteer activities, I’ve had reason to move around the City a lot. I’ve always biked if I can because Summit is so compact; you can get anywhere in 10 minutes on a bike with no parking. I get to experience Summit’s beauty in a way you can’t in a car.

For this reason, I’m painfully aware of how there is no decent pedestrian or bike access between east and central Summit. Cars are the only option. That’s inconsistent with our revised Master Plan (or any of our recent Master Plans for that matter).

The Parkline Project offers a unique solution to this barrier; this cleft in our city.

I urge you to support Parkline personally and in your Council duties so that …..

We can truly be ….

One Summit …..


Ted Tolles