About Summit Parkline Foundation

The Summit Park Line Foundation’s mission is to assist the city of Summit in creating a pedestrian linear park along the abandoned Rahway Valley Railroad (RVRR) that runs from the edge of the downtown, in front of Overlook Medical Center, along with a 1.2-mile path into Briant Park.

The city of Summit acquired the rights to the land at no cost from the state of New Jersey, to convert it into a park. The Park Line Foundation was instrumental in this achievement.

The Summit Park Line concept was also officially incorporated into the city’s Master Plan by the Planning Board. Phase I, the quarter mile directly in front of Overlook Medical Center, is near completion including a hiking path with a trail head off of Upper Overlook Road connecting Morris Avenue and Broad Street. We welcome you to walk over and visit the trail. We are in the planning stages of phase II.

The Summit Park Line started from a vision of Dr. Robert Rubino, a former councilman of the City of Summit, NJ, to bring a linear pedestrian park to his home town on an abandoned rail line – similar to the High Line in NYC.

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The Park Line is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) project. Tax ID: 47-3753496

The History of Union County and the development of the Summit Park Line