Summit Park Line Project Receives $200K Matching Grant

PATCH, SUMMIT, NJ — A $200,000 matching grant from the Reeves Foundation was given to the Summit Park Line Foundation to support its project of creating a 1.2 mile linear pedestrian park on the abandoned Rahway Valley Railroad line.

The Park Line Foundation had to raise a minimum of$200,000 to receive the funding from the Reeves Foundation in order to receive the matching “challenge” grant.

Money was donated from the Summit Area Public Foundation, Overlook Foundation, Overlook Medical Center and through a number of generous Summit residents totaling more than $225,000 of the $3.2 million dollars needed to complete the project within a 12-month period.

The park was acquired from the state by Summit in early 2016 and will be accessible for pedestrian and bicyclists. Once completed, Park Line will extend from the edge of the downtown Summit at Overlook Medical Center, along a 1.2 mile path through eastern Summit, ending at Briant Park on the Springfield border.

Former Summit Councilman Dr. Robert Rubino came up with the concept of the Park Line project.

“There has been an outstanding expression of support for the Park Line concept from the Summit community,” explains Rubino. “As the momentum for funding of the project continues to build, the Park Line Foundation is extremely thankful for the circle of friends that are helping to carry this important project forward.”

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